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The Sales Inside Inc blog is focused on impact B2B contact databases on lead generation and revenue growth. We cover best practices and insights on all aspects of databases including list building, list acquisition, data verification & cleansing, contact discovery, data enrichment etc. Please subscribe to our blog to stay abreast of industry news, trends and inside tips on these topics.

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5 Elements That Make For A Good B2B Email Database

B2B Email Database Pieces

Whether you already own a B2B email database or your renting one, the list may be lacking several key elements that help lead to more successful marketing campaigns. 

Business Email List: 5 Ways You Can Start The Conversation

Business Email List

Your sales team has a carefully built business email list in front of them. The next step is starting a conversation with potential new customers.

How To Get New Customers by Emailing Your New Business List

Emailing New Business List

Now that you have your new business list, how can you turn the prospects into new customers? 

How To Prioritize Your B2B Prospect Business Lists

Track Business List Success

You've segmented your business lists, but do you know which lists and prospects do the best? 

How To Supplement Your B2B Contact List With List Acquisition

Supplement B2B Contact Database

You've worked hard to build your B2B contact list, but it still isn't yielding the desired results. What should you do?

Do B2B Business Mailing Lists Still Work

Business Mailing List Letters

Before email, one of the most important parts of a B2B list was the postal or mailing address. Despite the popularity of email, business mailing lists still work.

How LinkedIn Data Can Improve Business Lead Lists

LinkedIn For Business Lead Lists

You're likely already using LinkedIn for B2B marketing, but what about taking advantage of the data available to improve your business lead lists?

How To Segment Your B2B Companies List For More Efficient Sales

B2B Companies List Efficient Sales

A B2B companies list alone isn't enough to make your email campaigns effective. In fact, simply mass emailing or not taking the time to personalize emails for specific audience could result in the majority of your leads writing your company off as a spammer. The key to make your list truly effective is segmentation.

Right Content for Your Business-To-Business Marketing List

Business To Business Marketing List

Have you been struggling to get response from your business-to-business marketing list?

B2B Business Lead Lists: Combine Mail And Email For Better Response

B2B Business Lead Lists Mail

There are 3 ways you can contact a new B2B business lead. First, you can call them with the phone number information you have. Second, you can email them with an introductory email that you’ve honed over your years of experience. There is also a third method that is starting to see less and less use among sales professionals even though it can still bring great response. That method is a direct mail.

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