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The Sales Inside Inc blog is focused on impact B2B contact databases on lead generation and revenue growth. We cover best practices and insights on all aspects of databases including list building, list acquisition, data verification & cleansing, contact discovery, data enrichment etc. Please subscribe to our blog to stay abreast of industry news, trends and inside tips on these topics.

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9 Reasons to Avoid Buying a Bottom Shelf B2B Database

b2b database marketing

If you're in the market for a B2B database chances are you've run across companies advertising super low-cost databases. There are a number of companies that are selling these low cost "bottom shelf" databases, and they can be attractive if you're trying to save some money on your B2B database marketing.

Market Research: Build Your Lead Generation Database

market research data collection

We recently preformed a telephone based survey of 100 senior email marketing executives of large enterprise organizations. This marketing research data collection project helped our client understand what their customers want, build their lead generation database, and tailor their product offering and sales pitch accordingly.

Business Data Accuracy: From 22% to 90% Deliverability

business data accuracy

The Challenge of Data Accuracy

A leading technology company wanted to do a high touch direct mail campaign to their B2B target audience. The company had a ton of data in their CRM and a lot of that matched to the titles and levels they were targeting. The challenge however was to ensure that the mailing addresses in their database were accurate so that an expensive direct mailer could reach the target audience.

Using the Internet research for your prospect list deveopment

contact discovery

The Goal of our Market Research Project - Developing a qualified prospect list

One of the leading companie providing managed network and security solutions wanted to target multinational companies. The goal was to identify companies headquartered in America having physical offices in other countries.  Why? Because if the companies had physicall offices accross different countries they could be be prime targets for setting up or managing their networks, IT security and other cloud servies that our customer offered. Our customer had a database of 100,000 target companies that they had already selected based on revenue and/ or employee size of target companies. After a careful qualification and screening of all the shortlisted vendors, we were brought in for researching all 100K companies websites. 

Targeted Marketing With a List of Companies Using Siebel CRM


Cold Calling Lead Lists Bring Cold Calling Back to Life

cold calling lead lists

What's the Buzz?

Finding a List of Companies Using ERP Systems

list of companies using erp systems

ERP Systems

Enterprise resource planning (ERP) is a broad name for a wide range of software designed to support internal business processes of a company. Things like production, order processing, and inventory management fall under an ERP system, which can provide a company with a real time view of its processes.

Because ERP systems are applicable across a wide range of industries, ERP systems software has grown into a multi-billion dollar industry that touches companies big and small, the world over. Unsurprisingly, there is a large market around being able to target ERP users. One of the easiest, most cost effective ways of targeting ERP users is with a ERP user list.

2 Tips for Increasing Email Click-Through Rates and Open Rates

increasing email click through rates

Michael Linthorst recently wrote an article for the MarketingProfs blog called "Five Tips to Increase Your Email Click-Through Rates" that addresses the issue of email marketing. The article offers up 5 great tips for getting your leads to click through your emails and, while we won't get into each tip, there are a couple that we wanted to share with you.

Why You Need to Be Budgeting for Database Hygiene

database hygiene

We recently came across an article that caught our eye because of its drastic title, "Plan and Budget for Data Hygiene in 2014 (or lose your job)." Brian Hansford, the articles author, knows that this might sound a bit extreme, but he's got some pretty compelling evidence to back it up.

Companies That Use SAP: Why You Should be Marketing to Them

companies that use SAPWhat is SAP?

SAP is an international leader in enterprise software and software related services. Designed to manage business operations and customer relations, SAP's enterprise software has been so successful over the years that they are now one of the largest software companies in the world.

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